None Destructive Escape Of Water

Water leaks can be extremely damaging, especially when you are not equipped with the right identification tools to find the leak at its source. Modern leak detection technology can pinpoint and identify the water leak without having to tear down the wall. Our specialists at DriTech detect an escape of water and clean it up safely and efficiently. We use the latest technology when detecting a leak, and our staff can do it in a non-destructive manner.

Potential water leaks can be found by examining the areas and components of the plumbing system at regular intervals or with the assistance of commercially accessible water leak discovery services. If the damage from a leak can be seen, then you must act quickly to get somebody on the case as it will only get worse.

Water leaks can go undetected for long periods of time. In some cases, there can be symptoms of excessive damp and peeling walls. Our staff are fully qualified, using infrared leak detection or a Seesnake inspection camera. This allows us to fix the leak with the minimum amount of disruption, time and cost to you.

One problem with escape of water is that it will result in expenses to you if left for too long; for example, those who use a water meter may end up paying more for water that they do not know is running. There are many ways of identifying a water leak, such as a drop in pressure from your boiler. The damage from a water leak can rot the interior of your home and spread to other rooms in the household, causing damp and mould spots.

You may even hear the sound of water if you have no appliances running. If this is the case, then we urge you to give us a call. If a flood is underneath your home, we will use a special tool to figure out where the source of water is coming from. The detection, evaluation and accurate tracing of excess moisture in substrate underneath exterior lining finish schemes can be difficult, but it can be achieved.

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