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Bognor Regis Fire And Flood Restoration

We are a network of nationwide experts specialising in fire and flood damage restoration. When your home or business has suffered from either fire or water damage, Dritech are here to help. Available 24/7, DriTech provide a truly comprehensive service nationally.

Dritech can provide so much more than the typical fire and flood damage restoration company, and we have been able to for over 35 years. Part of our service includes free guidance through our 24 hour helpline. One of the services it provides is to advise you on your insurance entitlement and free general insurance claim support.

Dritech can now offer a free loss adjusting service thanks to a working relationship we have created a group of loss adjusters, who work for the public rather than your insurance company. By taking advantage of this free service, you can benefit from not having the extra inconvenience of having to deal with your insurer yourself with the reassurance of being conscious that you are going to receive your full entitlement.

Fire Restoration Company

Fires can be an extremely destructive event, which can leave you feeling devastated. If you are looking for a building contractor who has the skills, experience and knowledge to repair your home or business, there is no other option than our Bognor Regis fire restoration professionals. From preliminary examination to completion of work, our fire restoration specialists will keep you informed with any decision making throughout the entire process. If we think we don't have enough fully licensed fire restoration experts within the Bognor Regis area, we will bring them in from adjacent areas at no additional cost to you.

Our fire restoration experts will be able to walk onto your home with a clear viewpoint of exactly what needs to be rectified. Our team will then be able to give you an idea of the length of time it will take to restore your home or business.

Even though fire damage can leave buildings with no similarity of its initial condition, there are many other damaging unseen factors than can be almost as damaging. An example of this is that when a fire happens, the heat will make the pores of the wall surfaces or structure increase in size. This may allow harmful smoke particles to enter it.

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Water Damage and Flood Restoration Services

Dritech's contractors have the essential amount of skill and know-how that is needed in the field of flood restoration. Flood damage can have many damaging outcomes on your home as well as the adjacent areas.

The most likely effect that a flood can leave after all of the water is removed is damp. We have the expert equipment to dry out your property, stopping any additional damage from taking place whilst eliminating the growth of mould and bacteria.

Water has the ability to damage structural components of your property, deeming the home or business unsafe or completely inhabitable. DriTech's Bognor Regis flood restoration experts have the extensive knowledge as well as professional moisture detection apparatus, meaning that we can quickly identify which areas are impacted. This prevents any secondary flood damage meaning that we can swiftly establish a solution to the problem.

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Dritech's Bognor Regis fire and flood damage repair team are on hand to help. You can phone on 0800 865 4999 or get in touch through our contact page.

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