Fire and Flood Restoration Filey

Dritech are a network of national professionals who specialise in fire and flood restoration. Dritech are here to assist if you have suffered either a fire or flood which has left lasting damage to your home or business. We provide a national service and are available 24/7.

As a network of building repair experts, we have the choice to hand select each and every single contractor based on their expertise and skills within the industry we offer. Every single one of our hand-picked tradesmen have all the necessary training and experience needed to perform even the most extensive of damage restoration works.

With over 35 years knowledge, DriTech are not just a normal fire and flood damage restoration company, we can provide so much more. Dritech now offer a 24 hour helpline which includes providing aid and guidance with insurance claims to make sure you are aware of all that you are entitled to.

Dritech can now provide a free loss adjusting service thanks to a partnership we have developed with a group of loss adjusters, who work for the public instead of your insurance company. This makes sure that any settlement you obtain is enough to cover the costs of restoration work to the high standards of which you would expect from Dritech.

Flood Restoration

When dealing with flood damage restoration it requires a large amount of patience, skill and know-how, in which our Dritech specialists have a large quantity of. Flood damage can have many detrimental outcomes on your home or business as well as your personal life. The most likely effect that a flood can leave once all of the water is extracted is damp. Dritech use only the latest drying apparatus which includes de-humidifiers and infra-red dampness detection to ensure your home is fully dried out. This ensures that the hazard from mould and bacteria is eliminated.

Water has the ability to damage structural parts of your home, deeming the property hazardous or completely inhabitable. DriTech's Filey flood damage restoration experts have the extensive experience as well as expert moisture detection apparatus, meaning that we can quickly determine which areas are damaged. This prevents any further flood damage meaning that we can swiftly identify a solution to the problem.

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Fire Restoration

One of the most destructive life events can be a fire and the aftermath of one can be devastating. Our Filey fire restoration experts have the skills, experience and know how to transform your property back to its original state. From initial analysis to completion of work, our fire restoration professionals will keep you in the loop with any decision making throughout the complete process. We have fully qualified professionals in fire damage repair in the Filey area, however we will bring them in from adjacent areas with no added cost to you if needed for a larger scale project.

Using our skills and knowledge with dealing with fire damage repair, Dritech's professionals will be able to walk into your property with a clear viewpoint of exactly what needs to be repaired. Our team will then be able to give you an idea of the amount of time it will take to restore your home or business.

As well as damage that is obvious to see, there may be hidden damage. Examples of this might be the pores in the structural wood enlarging through heat and allowing smoke to enter which may then not only weaken the structure which can also carry health risks. Another factor to consider might be any damage caused by water to put out the fire.

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