Fire and Flood Restoration Lewisham

We are a network of national restoration professionals who specialise in fire and flood damage repair. If your home has been unfortunate enough to have experienced either fire or flood damage, Dritech can help. Available 24/7, we provide a truly extensive service nationwide.

The experts on our network have the vital expertise and knowledge to provide a fantastic service in our industry. This is why Dritech only use contractors who have extensive skills in the field of fire and flood restoration.

With over 35 years knowledge, we are not the typical fire and flood restoration company, we can provide so much more. An aspect of our service includes free advice through our 24 hour helpline. One of the services our helpline provides is to advise you on your insurance entitlement and free general insurance claim assistance.

Recently we have developed a fantastic partnership with one of the country's most outstanding loss adjusting groups and we can now provide a free loss adjusting service. This ensures that any settlement you obtain is enough to cover the costs of damage repair work to the high standards of which you would expect from us.

Fire Restoration

A Fire can be an extremely overwhelming event which can leave you feeling devastated. If you are looking for a building contractor who has the skills, experience and knowledge to restore your property, there is no other option than our Lewisham fire restoration professionals. Throughout the complete process, our fire restoration professionals will keep you up to date of all of the decision making, from the preliminary inspection to the finalisation of our work. If we believe we don't have enough fully qualified fire damage restoration specialists within the Lewisham area, we will bring them in from bordering areas at no added cost to you.

Making use of our knowledge and expertise when dealing with fire restoration, Dritech's experts will be able to walk into your home or business with a clear point of view of exactly what needs to be rectified. They will know the vital steps to take whilst informing you of the length of time it will take to finalise the restoration process.

Even though fire damage can leave buildings with no resemblance of its original condition, there are many other damaging unseen factors than can be just as harmful. Examples of this might be the pores in the structural wood expanding through heat and letting smoke to enter which may then not only damage the structure but can carry health effects. Water damage would also need to be contemplated as a cause for concern after the fire has been extinguished.

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Flood Restoration

When dealing with flood restoration it involves a vast amount of patience, experience and know-how, in which Dritech's specialists have a great quantity of. Flood damage can be a destructive experience and can cause negative effects to not only your home or business but also to the adjacent areas. The most likely effect that a flood can leave after all of the water is extracted is damp. We use only the latest drying equipment which includes de-humidifiers and infra-red dampness detection to make sure your property is fully dried out. This makes sure that the threat from mould and bacteria is removed.

Water has the ability to damage structural elements of your home, deeming the home or business unstable or completely inhabitable. DriTech's Lewisham flood restoration technicians have the extensive knowledge as well as specialist moisture detection apparatus, meaning that we can quickly determine which areas are affected. The quicker we can establish what damage needs to be restored, the faster our flood damage restoration team can repair the problem.

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