Fire Insurance Claim Help And Advice

Fire insurance claims can be a long and drawn out process, unless you know exactly how the whole process works. DriTech can offer free help and advice to ensure that your claim runs as smoothly as possible. We can put you in touch with our preferred independent loss adjusters to deal with your insurance claim on your behalf.

This will not cost you anything if you decide to appoint us. One of the main benefits of this is that you will get an experienced and professional fire restoration company to repair the damage caused. With DriTech and the loss adjusters we recommend, we are able to pressure your insurers so you are seen first. This will enable repair work to be completed in a much shorter timescale rather than when you deal with the insurance company by yourself.

When a fire event occurs, immediate fire restoration is crucial. Work is started as soon as possible to guarantee a high chance of success when restoring affected items. Most household items are porous and soot particles attract to them. For this reason, we recommend that you call for our help no more than 48 to 72hrs after a fire - particles will penetrate porous household objects and restoration will be very difficult to achieve.

Immediate Restoration Is Crucial

Antiques and heirlooms should always be considered first. This is why we have access to a national database of specialist restorers.

We will immediately deal with your insurer, advise them of restoration costs and protect your most prized possessions as if they were our own. This will result in saving costs and ultimately returning your items to you in a pre-loss state, depending on the damage that they have sustained.

DriTech has the appropriate accreditation that allows us to hold onto any client’s personal property in our air conditioned storage units. Our storage facility is insured for up to £100,100 for any one item and are manned 24/7 by our head office.

All of our fire restoration contractors are qualified and accredited by the IIRC and the BDMA, making them among the highest qualified tradesmen in the UK. Our restoration specialist have an abundance of knowledge within the insurance profession. This allows you to correspond with them regarding any technicalities with your policy and our specialist will act as your personal advisor during the restoration process.

At Dritech, our professional claims handlers have a wealth of experience dealing with fire insurance claims and know exactly what is expected from the insurance company - in turn, this makes for a speedy claims process.

Our Services

  • Industry specialists on call 24 hour a day 7 days a week on our emergency helpline.
  • Direct contact with your insurance provider on your behalf, enabling you to receive your full entitlement.
  • Insured and guaranteed work.
  • Our fully transparent nature allows us to keep you informed and involved with all decision making.
  • All correspondence is forwarded to you throughout the claim process.
  • Complete Fire Damage Restoration Service

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