Fire Restoration Company

When a building catches fire, it can be one of the most unpleasant things that can ever happen to your home. A fire can be a very destructive force and leave disastrous consequences, and the process of restoration can be very complex. The DriTech contractors network have the ability and the expertise to make your life as easy as possible when this type of disaster occurs.

Our contractors are all fire and flood qualified to the highest standards. They are equipped with a wealth of expertise when it comes to dealing with your insurance company. We can help deal with the process of making a claim and ensure you receive a fast response from your insurance company. YOUR piece of mind is the most important thing to us and getting you back to a normal state is our priority.

Fire restoration work does not only depend on the damage caused by smoke and fire. Damage can also be caused from the water used to put the fire out by the fire brigade. This can lead to more damage than from the fire itself.

We Make Fire Repair Easy For You

Not all fire damage can be seen by the naked eye. There could be a lot more damage that you may not necessarily immediately identify. Your building could also have suffered from heat damage. For example, fire can often cause electrical components to melt.

There is also the risk of fire fighting fluids and smoke particles getting into the structural materials within the building. As a result, full fire damage restoration may not be fully possible until the affected materials have been removed and replaced.

A representative from DriTech will be able to meet your insurers or their loss adjusters in your home or business. They will then be able to make sure that you receive your valid claim entitlement in order to receive the cost of any corrective works that may be required.

DriTech have been an approved insurance repair network for many years. By working alongside insurers and policyholders, we are able to offer fixed costs for all of our restoration work for your peace of mind.

With our strict standards and full commitment, we ensure all of our work is completed by fully qualified tradesmen who understand the importance of customer care. We aim to make the process of returning your business or home back to its pre loss condition in the shortest amount of time as inconvenient as possible.

Fire Restoration Services We Offer

  • Emergency and advice helpline.
  • On site as soon as possible.
  • Direct negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf, enabling you to gain your full entitlement.
  • Insured and guaranteed work.
  • Keeping you informed and involved with all decision making.
  • All correspondence forwarded to you throughout the claim process.
  • Complete fire damage restoration service.

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