Free Water Damage and Flood Insurance Claim Advice

With more and more properties throughout the UK being flooded on a regular basis, it is becoming very apparent that this is a major problem for both insurers and the public. With increases in the need for assistance with water damage and flood insurance claims, insurers will soon be looking at how they can reduce costs or risks in many areas. The public's awareness of their surroundings will be noted on any house sales in the near future.

At DriTech, we have flood surge management procedures in place to minimise the damage that flooding can cause to the integrity of a property. We advise and help our clients with flood defence systems in the future to minimise the potential risk of being flooded again.

We have teamed up with a flood defence company and on all of our flood claim instructions, we will supply a free of charge a flood defence system to the value of £300 if flooding becomes a risk to you again.

As flooding is becoming more common in the UK, this is allowing our vetted tradesmen to acquire an abundance of knowledge about the industry and the way to restore in this situation. The nature of any building in the UK has not been designed or constructed for the eventuality of a flood. Therefore, the damage a flood or other types of water can leave behind is substantial.

We know the key element of any flood restoration is speed. In order to reduce the damage being caused by water you need to react quickly. This is why we have a local tradesman as soon as possible after your call.

What Can We Do For You?

DriTech are the nation's local drying and restoration company who predominately deal with flood restoration on a regular basis. Our professional specialists will start off by sourcing the extent of the water damage and then do as much as possible to rectify the situation. We do this by using the non-destructive methods of testing in a potentially damaged area before we carry out any full reinstatement work.

  • We will make sure the affected area is deemed safe by carrying out a rigorous risk assessment, keeping in line with the company policy.
  • Using our specialist equipment, all water damaged materials will be dried to levels advised by the British Standard of moisture content.
  • The affected property and the area surrounding the incident will be restored to the original condition.
  • Once fully dried, a certificate of dryness will be issued.
  • Our personal claims advisers will be available 24 hours a day for you to call with ANY questions or queries.
  • We are on site as soon as possible after your first contact.
  • Total Water Damage Repair And Flood Restoration Service.
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