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How is a claim for property damages handled?

They will work the accurate settlement for you

When you suffer from property damages at your property you automatically think to call your insurance policy company, this article will inform you of how they handle your claim once you have contacted them, and some alternatives that we can offer you. This will also possibly answer any unanswered questions in terms of your claim that you may have.

OverviewDritech can help you claim

When damage occurs at your property, the insurance company will do an initial assessment and decide whether or not they are going to offer you replacements for damaged property and usually appoint their preferred builders to fix any damage or if they are going to offer you a cash settlement and you will have to find your own restoration people to fix your property damages.

At this point we as professional flood restoration and fire restoration experts, we can help you. This is because not only can we get our preferred independent Loss Adjusters to help with the claims handling, we can actually use our highly skilled and experienced contractors to fully restore your property to the highest quality finish.

Common issues involving restoration

When insurance companies do their assessments and have decided whether or not your property is being repaired by them or they are giving you a cash settlement instead, there is a few common issues that commonly occur with the restoration. According to the financial ombudsman some customers complain about the length of time it took to repair (saying it took too long), that the level of repair hasn’t repaired the damage, that additional damage has happened during the restoration work and that some items should have been replaced instead of repaired.

At Dritech we work only for your benefit and therefore we do full and thorough assessments and provide complete documentation of everything that needs replacing and repairing. We also only employ contractors who are BDMA or IICRC qualified to senior tech level and therefore they know exactly how and the correct way of restoring your property damage. Additionally, they only use the best and most technically advanced state of the art equipment in all of their restoration projects. This will give you reassurance that they are contractors that know what they are doing and are trades people you can trust.

Conclusion to restoration services

Insurance Companies have Loss Adjusting companies that work for them, therefore how do you know that the amount that is being proclaimed, is actually fully accurate to the cost of your property damage?

On the other hand, if you appoint a Dritech contractor we will pay for an independent Loss Adjuster to file a full report of damage and an accurate value of damage and cost of the full restoration project at your property.