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How To Prevent Water Damage

Washing Machine Hose Burst

Did you know that it doesn’t have to pour down with torrential rain for your property to be damaged by water? Property water damage often occurs on days that it doesn’t rain at all. The water damage can be due to malfunctions in technology, such as an overloaded toilet or washing machine. In addition, leaking appliances such as fridges, freezers, water heaters and again washing machines can all cause accidental water damage to your property.

Moreover, water damage can occur in your home due to the simple fact of appliances ageing. Water heaters and radiators can rust underneath and begin to leak, dishwashers and washing machines can leak because of hoses inside eroding over time or/and leaks can occur because of sealant around your bath or shower wearing away.

Did you know if you have experienced any of the mentioned water damages you could be entitled to claim?

This article is going to guide you on how to prevent these damages happening at your property. The following bullet points will give you steps of successful prevention.

  • Make sure you are fully aware of water shut-off points in your property, and make sure that all your properties sinks, toilets and any other water lines are fitted with shut-off valves.
  • Lower the risk of water damage caused by water over-flow by not leaving the room when running water in a bath or sink, especially if running at full force.
  • Repair any small leaks around baths, sinks, water heaters, fridges etc with approved sealants before they become a bigger problem.
  • If a problem such as a leak occurs at your property make sure you appoint a skilled professional who knows what they are doing.
  • If any of your products in your home have recommended procedures such as emptying sediment out of a water heater or de-humidifier every week, make sure you do so.
  • If you are wanting to clean very dirty clothes such as ones that are mud soiled, hose them off outside first so that the amount of dirt is minimised in your washing machines drainage systems.
  • If you are leaving your property unattended for any period over a week, shut-off the water valve for your washing machine and any other appliances to reduce the risk of any water damage occurring whilst you’re away.
  • Once every month or two, check the hoses on your machines to ensure there are no cracks starting to appear. If there are, make sure you replace them as soon as possible.

Finally, if you perform all the above recommended prevention techniques your home should be as water damage proof as possible. However, if you still unfortunately suffer from any type of escape of water damage, Dritech Flood Damage Contractors can help you. All of our contractors are qualified to the highest standard and are extremely experienced in terms of Flood Damage Repair. If you need Flood Restoration experts at your property, contact Dritech Contractors today.