Insurance Claim Help

DriTech is partnered with the nation's favoured insurance claims specialists, both for our work restoring properties to their original state and assisting the policy holder using our specialist claims negotiators and maximising their potential settlement where possible.

As a company, we pride ourselves on achieving phenomenal results where other industry specialists fail. Our partners make sure to do as much as possible for the policy holder, as they work in your best interests and not for the insurance company. They will fight your corner until they achieve not only the highest possible settlement but until the restoration works are complete and signed off by you personally.

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Escape Of Water Claim Help

At Dritech, we appreciate that submitting a claim can be a laborious and aggravating process. We aim to assist you by offering as much help and information as possible to make this a hassle free process.

Escape of water is the most common cause of water claims in the UK and, if not you do not react quickly enough, can prove to be among the most expensive occurrences that a policyholder will endure. There are many ways that escape of water can occur in the home, which is why they are prolific occurrences.

Water damage can be problematic to rectify because of the volume of damage that water can cause in such a short space of time and it is not always instantly clear how much damage has been done. Damage can be missed upon first inspections, as there can be serious underlying effects that can only be treated with specialist equipment.

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Fire Claim Help

A complete house fire can cause devastating effects on your property and your everyday life. With a huge pressure on your shoulders worrying about your property, we know that the last thing you would want to do is talk to your insurance company but it is a necessity. This is where Dritech can help immensely - our professional claims handlers will assist you in all proceedings, offering guidance throughout and even negotiating with your insurance company to ensure you end up with a fair settlement.

As well as interacting with your insurance provider, Dritech also offer a full restoration service. Using our specialist equipment, our professional accredited tradesmen will be able to restore your property back to its previous condition.

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Flood Claim Help

More and more floods have been occurring in the UK recently, which has highlighted the real need for restoration and claims handlers. At Dritech, we have catered for both of these sectors, helping the public by assisting them throughout their claims process. We maximise their settlement through our professional specialist claims handlers and restoring properties.

As well as escape of water, flood claims falls closely under the same bracket of just how devastating they can be. An abundance of water submerging a property’s foundation can be absolutely devastating to a property, but the way they are dealt with is detrimental to preserving the integrity of its structural properties.

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Impact Claims

Your safety is our priority - in a lot of cases, structural integrity is compromised. Yours and the public's safety is paramount. Because of this, we have access to the UK's largest network of RICs surveyors, scaffolders, and safety specialists on immediate call if required.

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