Loss Adjusters For Flood and Fire Insurance Claims

Our national network supports insurance companies and their panel of loss adjusters. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a service that is second to none. Whether you are an insurer or a member of the public in need of our service, you will receive the best response time in the industry. We work with loss adjusting companies and approved insurance panels. We also work with loss adjusters for major losses and private clients as required.

We also work hand in hand with the Public Loss Adjusting Group and support their Loss Adjusting service to the public.

How DriTech Works For You

As budgets and margins are constantly being reduced by Insurers, service levels tend to diminish proportionately. We work with loss adjusters to ensure that you receive maximum benefit for your insurance claim. As fire and flood restoration experts, we will provide all the necessary certification and documentation for your claim.

We believe this to be an extremely important aspect of service, as it will ensure that your property has been dried to pre-loss condition prior to works commencing. DriTech will provide you with the same level of expert advice to members of the public as given to your insurance company’s loss adjuster.

How We Can Work To Guarantee Your Insurance Entitlement

DriTech work alongside independent loss adjusters who can oversee your insurance claim by inspecting DriTech's work. These loss adjusters will oversee your insurance claim by inspecting the level of damage to your home to identify the full extent of damage that may not be so obvious. We have a strong relationship with PLA who are available to take your call 24 hours a day. Their work is completely independent of the insurance company. You have the right to appoint your own loss adjusting company to represent you, as your insurers see fit to appoint one to represent their interests.

We Recommend Public Loss Adjusters

PLA can handle your property claims, including damage to buildings and structures. Public Loss Adjusting Group are a specialised firm of (CILA) Chartered Loss Adjusters & Claims Managers. The team of loss adjusters are led by two senior loss adjusters who, between them, have over 75 years of experience in all aspects of loss adjusting and previously held directorships and/or senior positions in other leading firms. Public Loss Adjusters, unlike the majority of Chartered Loss Adjusters, will work on behalf of the policyholder insuring they get the best advice when it comes to their claim.

All too often, clients come to us when they have already developed a dispute with their insurers. Usually, this comes about as a result of delays or poor service levels. Occasionally, this comes about due to a lack of understanding on the part of insurers, or the nature and extent of damage sustained where a "patch up job" is encouraged at the expense of the policyholder. Occasionally, we are asked to prepare reports for litigation purposes. Assistance from PLA has proved invaluable in stepping in to pull the claim back on track and arrange services as quickly as possible, thus benefiting policyholders and insurers alike.

If you use our contractors, they will provide a top quality professional service and carry out work that comes with a full two year guarantee. DriTech will assist in the comprehensive claim validation program following industry recognised standards and ensure that accurate procedures are in place and followed rigorously.

We can, if required, provide comprehensive reports and "Beyond Economic Repair" assessments to insurers & adjusters, salvage uplift and storage, loss mitigation and, in addition to the standard drying and fire restoration, a bespoke antiques handling service.

All in all, we all seek to provide the speedy delivery of a quality service without compromise.

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