What Services We Offer

DriTech offer a full range of services if your home or business suffers from the effects of fire or water damage. We deal directly with your insurance company to give you peace of mind.

Flood Restoration

Once a leak starts, it doesn’t matter how big or small the initial leak is - it can rapidly escalate, causing unseen damage and needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Limiting the effects of water damage will result in lower costs and minimal disruption.

Any flood restoration work may not just apply to the damage you can initially see. Our contractors are qualified to identify any secondary damage that may occur in the future. So why is this so important? The last thing you would want would be to have your insurance work to be completed, only to find an underlying problem that did not surface earlier. This could then need to be rectified out of your own pocket.

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Fire Restoration

The DriTech contractor network only employ those with the expertise to make your life as easy as possible during the process of fire restoration. A representative from DriTech will be able to meet your insurers and their loss adjusters in your home or business. They will then be able to make sure that you receive your valid claim entitlement, in order to cover the cost of any corrective works that may be required.
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Escape Of Water

Escape of water can be caused by a number of factors including faulty washing machines or leaky plumbing. Our aim is to get your property back to its original state with as little inconvenience to you as possible. Our network of contractors will ensure that all aspects of the job are completed.
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Insurance Claim Help

To ensure that you receive your entitlement for any claim you make as a result of a fire or flood, you may want to hire a professional to work alongside you. This would be in a similar way that an insurance company may work with a loss adjuster. At DriTech, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with these professionals and are more than happy to assist with insurance claim help.
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DriTech contractors only use the latest equipment, which will minimise costs associated with drying out your home. We work with insurers' representatives and policyholders to reduce disruption to the household or business and make sure all parties are fully informed throughout.
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DriTech have the capacity to meet your storage requirements in case you need to store your valuable possessions whilst any renovation work is completed. We have fully air conditioned secure units to keep your possessions safe.
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Moisture Reports

DriTech can supply moisture reports that look within the walls and identify any forms of moisture that are lingering within their structures. This will help to identify any mould or rot that may have been allowed to breed due to flood damage or a major water leakage.
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