Trace and Access

90% of household pipes and water mains are always concealed, most of the time under floor boards or in cavity walls. This is why detecting a leak can be immensely difficult for a non-industry specialist. You may know that damage is being caused behind the scenes in your home or business premises, but you can only guess where the water leak / burst pipe is.

Trace and access is a term commonly used to describe the method used in detecting the affected areas. Using specialist equipment such as listening devices and gas detectors, we are able to swiftly treat the problem. We can locate the leak to within centimetres, which in turn allows for no unnecessary time being consumed digging to reach a pipe that is not damaged. Trace and Access is highly efficient and extremely cost effective.

Water Leak Detection

Once the leak has been detected by DriTech’s trace and access team, they can concentrate on repairing and then drying the affected area using their specialist dehumidifiers, experience and trade skills to repair any damaged materials and restore your property back to its original form.

Our specialist restoration experts have many years in experience in dealing with trace and access, which would enable them to enter your property with a clear view of exactly what steps need to be taken.

For more information regarding our trace and access service, then don’t hesitate in calling one of our call centre operatives. They will be able give you a more detailed evaluation of all services that may be suited to you, or could even instruct a locally vetted contractor to visit your premises as quickly as possible.

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