Water Leak Detection

When a water leak occurs in your property, it can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Sometimes the source of the leak may not be obvious, but the longer it goes on the more damage it will cause. All DriTech contractors use the latest water leak detection tools. This ensures that the water leak can be dealt with as quickly as possible and limit the damage caused.

In all cases, we install ISD dials to monitor humidity and temperature within your property. We can calculate if optimum drying is happening just by calling you for a reading, rather than having to visit you weekly and disrupt your own time. Using this system also reduces costs to insurers as less monitoring by senior techs on site have to take place.

Specialist Leak Detection Equipment

Fast water leak detection is paramount to reduce costs and the amount of time spent on repairs. All approved DriTech contractors utilise Testo thermal imaging as part of the repair process. Our contractors will also carry out non-destructive water leak detection first to ensure all forms of escape of water are repaired. A thermal imaging camera can highlight different surface temperatures. Leaking water would be at a different temperature to other materials, such as bricks or insulation and would be able to be identified.

We also use the thermal images to identify cold spots in affected areas, so targeted drying can be used to reduce operating costs.

Fast Repair Work And Insurance Claim Handling

One call to our helpline will help you to find a one stop solution to your water leak recovery. We will get in touch with our loss adjusters who will be able to ensure that you receive maximum entitlement for any damage caused for the purpose of your insurance claim.

We will be on site within the fastest time possible to identify and repair the source of the water leak. Once we have made sure that the surrounding area is safe for the public, our specialists will begin the drying process. Finally, we will restore any damage to your property. You will never know you had a water leak in the beginning.

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